Attitude of Grattitude for kids of Kula

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Check out my video and see where I paint while I thank the kids at Kula!

Talk about a Can Do Attitude!

Thanks to all of the students at Kula elementary that raised over three thousand dollars to help CAN DO MAUI purchase a can do van. What amazing problem solvers they are.
Just in case you don’t know what the problem is. Each time I travel to Maui to give my various speeches, serve the Maui community, and spearhead the Can Do Maui project– I must rent a wheelchair accessible van.

The costs can be around $120 a day give or take and because it can be hard to find one we have been forced to rent vans that are not completely safe, high mileage, or faulty equipment.

In fact did you hear why the kids became passionate to pursue a Can Do van.
On my way to my presentation at the school— my driver pulled over to check directions and as we sat there on the side of the road he needed to leave the van briefly.
I told him to leave the air conditioning on he stepped out and the door locks took a dive.

Locked in the van with the keys and my driver’s cellphone.

Half an hour later thanks to Siri,

I was able to make a hands free call to get the necessary help.

It caused me to be late for my school assembly at Kula.
Of course I told the students the story and apologized profusely for the faulting van (Rent a wreck) the children and the board of directors
decided it was time to raise money for a Can Do van on the island of Maui.
This van will not only save us thousands in rentals on my returns to the island but also can provide wheelchair transportation for families.
IMG_4503 (1)
Thank you so much students, staff, and parents of Kula Elementary school for raising $3000!

It will take a lot more than this three thousand dollars for a wheelchair accessible van but this is an amazing start. The conversions alone to make a van accessible is expensive.

The purpose of this blog is to show recognition to this group of amazing people.

We welcome anyone who wants to get involved or help fundraiser but this is not what this is about.

To your inspiration and with an attitude of gratitude,



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