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We all know what its like to live in the hustle and bustle of life. It becomes mundane in the midst of chaos. It’s important as a family to have positive experiences. To leave and to go into nature can be a serene and wonderful experience for a family. I am committed to making this happen for people with disabilities. To be around like minded individuals gives you an opportunity to build bonds and lifelong friendships. A place to share your story and find some encouragement from somebody else’s story and experiences. I need your help today; we cannot let this unique opportunity of donated land on Maui slip away. Camp Can Do-Can be built when good people come together. Please take a moment to visit go fund me and share it /send it to all of your friends you will be glad you did.

Happy Father’s Day


Thumbs up to all the great dads out there! Father’s day is a special day, Fathers are truly valuable let’s not take our jobs lightly dads! This is a video of me and my girls! Go and see ‘Me before you’ and you will see why this is so special!


Camp ‘Can Do’ Maui Dream

This is Ron with your motivational message,

It’s been 26 years since the American Disability Act was implemented for the purpose of creating access for all. Unfortunately barriers still remain. We have found one area that is left unnoticed, or goal is to tear down these walls and an outdoor camping experience. In 2000 Oregon’s first fully wheelchair accessible camp was opened and founded by Ron Heagy. His dream did not stop there and it’s time to build Camp ‘Can Do’ Maui. We have been given a unique opportunity of 5 acres of land. The dream will come true because of people like you! Where ‘Can Do’ becomes an action through access to nature, a Never Give Up attitude is instilled, and campers realize their own potential to change the world.

To your inspirations,