Hope is always there

My name is Ron Heagy I am a father of two daughters.

A 17-year-old and a 13-year-old. My oldest daughter Roni, and I were having a conversation. In that conversation she told me that a lot of teenagers think about suicide. I was relieved when she said, “Don’t worry I am not one of them, I have my family, dancing, and great friends.”

Negative thoughts are nothing new to any of us. We all feel down at some point or another. My daughter asked me if I had ever felt depressed or suicidal. I responded with, “I can remember having suicidal thoughts after my accident at 18 which left me paralyzed from the neck down.”
My oldest daughter said, I am glad you changed your attitude and chose to live because if you didn’t our family wouldn’t be here.”

If you are feeling the holiday blues, frustrations, or struggling with hopelessness this time of the year. I want to encourage you by saying if you are breathing air into your lungs, your heart is beating, and your mind can think. LIFE IS GOOD. Today is a wonderful day.

I present to you the following message of hope, the hope rod.

Hope Rod

Happy Holidays! Here is my latest painting.
winter barn

To your inspirations,


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  1. Ron,
    Great picture, The picture, trees, and the tractor I will have
    to share a picture of some of mine. Another topic for kids to be strong with bullying, to think kids would be discouraged and have bad thoughts of ending their life. I think your grandma could give 99 reasons to not let what
    people say effect them negatively! Merry Christmas to your
    family. Keith

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