Is it Possible to Paint an Egg with your Mouth?

This is Ron with your motivational Message,


Happy Easter! (He has risen)

I hope you and your family enjoyed your weekend with celebration, family and laughter. And maybe some egg painting.


I had the unique opportunity and privilege to share with my daughter’s school. There were hundreds of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders that filled the bleachers. Let’s just say they were on the active side, restless as they waited for their speaker. The chatter and outbursts from young boys making various sounds unknown to mankind while the girls giggled and laughed at them. As these silly boys tried to impress the girls, they were unaware of my presence hidden just below the bleachers.

They had no clue I was listening to their conversations. I must admit I felt a bit anxious; this was not just any school. This was my twelve year old daughter’s school and I wanted to do my best. Knowing my daughter was listening I was accountable for my words. I couldn’t make something up because she knows the truth of all my stories. The crowd began to calm as the principle introduced me. I am truly grateful for the principles who value the impact of a public speaker. Particularly when this principle had not heard me speak before. I give a big shout out of ‘Thank You!’ to all of you that have opened doors for my speaking presentations.  I nudged my chair in gear with my chin and powered myself out to the microphone. Over a thousand eyeballs stared.


Silence could be felt as they leaned forward anticipating what in the world does this guy strapped into a metal monster have to say? I immediately grabbed their attention knowing that once I got them hooked I could reel them for 40 more minutes.

As I spoke about life, love, interdependence, and team work. Lifting up the souls of others and having faith in themselves and their peers. I also spoke about the enthusiasm for life and the attitude of gratitude. We laughed; we cried and at the end I asked for a volunteer….. Knowing I would hone in on my daughter and pluck her from the audience.


“Hey you in the green sweater come on out here and lend me a hand. You look like the cutest volunteer ever. LOOK HOW CUTE YOU ARE!” I said as she walked embarrassingly my way. She had that look of “Dad I am going to kill you” in her eyes. As she stood beside me, I felt deep emotion-this was a mega moment in my mind. Something that may not happen ever again, I fought the tears as I told the audience her story; of the miracle that god gave me-a biological child. What a proud moment this was for me.

I told the audience how proud I was to be a father, and having the opportunity to love both of my daughters. I asked the audience if Gracie was happy that I chose life. “My choice to live gave Gracie a chance to be born. Wow! Just think how your choices affect the lives of others. “

Although her mother and I are divorced I feel choosing to love regardless of my disability was the right thing no matter what could happen in relationships. And here was living proof. Imagine with me for a moment how the littlest things we do can affect the future or change it.


I explained to the crowd how Gracie and all of them can choose a positive attitude no matter what kind of disability they face.

Let’s take our eyes off of what we can’t do and pursue the things we can. Don’t live your life with regret Remember the ingredients for LIFE are 5 cups of Love, 3 cups of interdependence, a few tablespoons of Faith and sprinkled with Enthusiasm.

Won’t you celebrate life with me today?

I hope you enjoy the little video of Gracie and our creativity. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your heads together.

We celebrated Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. As history tells us he died and came back to life. I find life It is during the hard times, chaos and confusion that the spiritual life can give us hope and peace.

My wish for you today is a life filled with peace, passion, and perseverance.

To your inspirations,


Ron Heagy

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  1. Love it, Ron. Feel like I was in that middle school with you and your daughter. Thankfully you did stay and created life and have helped so many of us with reminders of what matters most. We all have challenges of course, but sometimes it’s easier to accept our own and put them in perspective when we think of people who face challenges that are greater than our own.
    God Bless You for everything you do!

  2. Hi Ron,
    I want to thank you for coming last week. I am Gracie’s Language Arts teacher for two class periods every day. She is an amazing young lady! She was so nervous about getting up in front of her classmates, and asked me to sit next to her on the bottom bench of the bleachers. I reassured her that she was going to be just fine, and I was very proud of her for stepping up for her dad.

    The students continued talking about your presentation throughout the day,and continue to discuss the concept of “choosing” their attitudes. I just want to let you know that you had a big impact on our students. I am going to be sending some letters home with Gracie for you this week. Keep on inspiring everyone you touch with your message!

    • Thank you so much for the letters! I am so glad that it went so well.Thanks again for sending me some encouragement. It was quite a stack and I had fun reading them all! Gracie is growing up so fast! She amazes me all the time. Gracie really enjoyed having you as one of her teachers for sixth grade. Thanks for all you do!

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