It’s Official She has Hit the Big 1-0-0!

This is Ron with your motivational message,

Its been over a year since my dad started taking care of my grandmother Ruth full time with help occasionally from my uncle Billy (with lots of gratitude). Unfortunately, since last year, my grandmother has lost another child-my uncle Dave has passed on. Dave was a great man full of character, love, and I honestly can say he was one of the best men I have ever known in my life.

Ruth’s Birthday 2017



Even though my dear grandmother has lost her husband and two of her children she chooses to have a great outlook on life. Grandma Ruth’s fortitude and determination are evident. She loves being outdoors, enjoying flowers, and people. She knows how to see the beauty in things and never complains.










Wow to think you have lived 100 years without regret is amazing.

Katie who is one of my friends and a caregiver to my grandmother told me a funny story about her.

She said, “Your Grandma made my day, I almost cried.”


“I was giving her a shower and Ruth was joking around  and laughing.”


She even playfully smacked Katie with a shampoo bottle!

We better watch out, can’t image how feisty she’ll be at 101!


Here are a few minutes of advice from some centenarians, hey they must know something we don’t!

To your inspirations,



Below is my blog from last year about my grandmother Ruth


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