Meeting Lucy

This is Ron with your Motivational Message,


In between doing speeches in early May, I was looking for a place to have a coffee, so my friend Jordan from Access Revolution in Canada and I drove into Lahaina. We spotted the Cannery – a shopping complex that had a Starbucks. I said to Jordan, “Let’s pull in here really quick.”

Jordan and I get out of the van and go in the store to grab of joe. I was the only person sitting outside near the patio tables because it was really hot that day. Jordan asks if I wanted to go into the mall but through the conversation she decides she will go walk around by herself. Since we have to get going soon anyways. I decide to just relax and enjoy the sunshine outside of Starbucks.

I was reclined back in my chair soaking up the rays when in my peripheral view I saw a lady with windblown hair walk up to a table outside of the coffee shop. I didn’t get a good look necessarily so I thought she might be homeless. Another lady came up with a long ponytail and sat down with her. I was listening in to there conversation as they start chatting and another guy walks up and sits with them. I hear the gentlemen say, “I just got done with a bible study and Dave shared.” I wondered if it was my friend Dave Blanton. I started to think if I should introduce myself but knowing me I would have just talked.

The lady that I assumed was homeless started talking about how excited she was that her family and daughters were coming for her birthday from the main land. As my thoughts drifted from their conversation, I turned to watch someone else. Jordan came back from window shopping and we were about to leave to go to my next speech when all of a sudden I was startled by someone saying, “Hey, how are you?”  “I was watching you here.”

I recognized the voice as the lady with windblown hair came into my view.  “Yeah to be honest, I was listening to you guys too.” As I admitted to eavesdropping.

She introduced herself as Lucy and continued to speak, “I just wanted to tell you my mother started a camp through the boys and girls club for kids with disabilities, so I grew up around many different disabilities.” She further explained how her mother also helped those with disabilities integrate into public schools.

“That’s so awesome; I would love to meet your mom!” I exclaimed. I asked if I could give her a brochure for camp can do Maui that I just got made. She took the brochure looked at it briefly and shoved it in her purse. As she gave me her card, we both went our separate ways to our vehicles.

I was getting loaded into the van, when Lucy and her husband Bob drove up to us  and she said she accidentally took my water bottle. Lucy also said that she looked at Camp Can Do Maui’s brochure and was extremely interested in learning more. After we got back to the condo I thought it would be better to meet with her while we were on the island.

I had Jordan send her an email, In the email I said let’s get a cup of coffee or something. We didn’t realize that the email didn’t go through until Friday so I just invited her to the Board meeting on Saturday instead.

On Saturday, Bob and Lucy showed up to the board meeting at Peter’s house. I was so happy to see them. Lucy’s Husband-Bob shared about their daughter, who was born with a rare genetic disorder and fifteen months after she was born they lost their precious little baby. This was devastating to hear. But with the help of the Lord, they dealt with the pain and grief while staying together through it.

I gave a brief overview of my past with complete honesty about the camp and my divorce because I found it important to be open about my life. Lucy asked if I would come tomorrow to her church after she snapped a picture of us together.

I said yes, of course I would love to come to church. I asked Jordan if she wanted to take me to church and she said sure.

The next morning we get to this beautiful location on a golf course and we go under this large lanai. The church was called Harvest at Kumulani Chapel.Everyone started worshiping and singing. It moved Jordan and I to tears. Before they got started with the service, the pastor was on stage holding up my book. I felt my face get hot; Lucy had prepped everyone there on who I was. The message that day was doing the dream, staying on course, and doing what we are passionate about. Amazingly, about 5 people came up to talk to me that day about the camp and ways to get involved. It was incredible!

I couldn’t have done that without Lucy.

We are finally moving on and are excited. You never know how god is going to work in your life. So we keep moving and Never Giving UP.



If you are interested in getting involved in supporting Camp Can Do Maui.

There are many ways for you to be a part of our team! Send us an email if you would like to donate your time in some way.


As a fundraiser we are selling 11 X 14 giclee prints for a $30 donation or a Camp Can Do Maui T-shirt for $30 or both for $50 bucks!

You can donate directly on the fund page (generosity) or to Never Give Up.–3

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I left to go to Maui discouraged that I couldn’t seem to get this moving as fast as I would it too. I was reminded on the trip through many divine unscheduled appointments that if I let go, and send it to god he will make this happen. And so this is what I am doing.

To Your inspirations,




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