My hero just turned 99 years old

This is Ron with a motivational message,

It was my grandmother’s birthday on the 20th of October. We had a big party with the whole Heagy family. Turning 99 is not something to cry about but celebrate.

My grandmother Ruth has been one of the most meaningful people in my life as a female, besides my mother Theresa. It was my grandmother that always told me,

“Roni, you can do that,” “Roni you can make that,”

“Roni, you should be an artist” “Roni you can make money with your art.”

She used to say I was a talk drink of water before my accident, When I ended up in a wheelchair I remember her being afraid.

“Afraid of what?” I asked her.

My grandma was afraid that I would be sad and different. She made the first trip back in 1981 to see me in my wheelchair completely paralyzed.
She showed up almost crying, I teased, “Grandma what is your problem?” She smiled through her watery eyes. My grandma said, “Are you doing okay?” I said “Yeah, give me hug grandma.”

At that moment she wrapped her arms around me. She explained that she was afraid that my outlook and attitude would affect my life goals and aspirations.

I said, Grandma I lost my body not my personality and will to live.

From then on, my grandma and I had a pretty cool relationship. She even had me fly to Ashland, Wisconsin to speak to a few groups of people. She was proud of me.
It’s grandma I would refer to if I needed my ears pulled because she knew how to get me whipped up and back in to shape-although she is only about four foot eleven. She is one tough women! She raised three boys. One of those is my dad.
My grandmother Ruth has been through some losses. First my grandfather passed away in the 70’s and then she lost her only daughter, my aunt Barbie who died from cancer. She helped my aunt Barbie through the disease as it took her body, helped her through the starvation, and she was even there when aunt Barbie couldn’t drink water anymore and passed away. My grandma has been a solid rock in my life all these years.

Roni straighten up. Oh, horse feathers! You can do that.

I love to see my dad working with her now taking care of her needs daily, helping her to the bathroom and all. My grandma struggles with some of these things.
But she knows that she won’t be in a wheelchair forever, she knows that she will be set free when she passes. For right now she is doing well, and she still teaches me many things.

She is one of my biggest fans when it comes to my art. My grandmother is the one who encouraged me to do something more with it. She used to say, “Roni you ought to do something with your paintings. You could probably make money selling your art of you work on your skill.”

Her voice echoes in my mind, do you hear Grandma Heagy’s voice in your head?

Don’t you give up now. You can do it.

She has always been there to encourage her grandkids to make the most out of what god has given us. To have faith, believe in your family believe in others, help someone, be kind, and don’t dwell on things.

I love my Grandma Ruth and so will you.

I dedicate my art to my grandmother Ruth.

All my art and all I do will be dedicated to the love, direction, message of hope, and compassion she instilled in her family.
Grandma Ruth’s birthday
To your inspirations,


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