November 2008 Newsletter

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It is people like you that make it possible for Kelli, Gracie and I to hit the road and to keep rolling on.

There are so many things to tell you,  it would be impossible to tell you all of them. I know one thing for sure that God loves you and has a purpose and a plan for your life. My life is definitely a reminder that God can use the “weakest” member of society, to accomplish great things.

If you have heard me speak you know that I believe that our lives are hinged, by the attitudes we choose.

Today is your day to begin anew to turn loses into gains, heartache to laughter, pain for persistence and a smile to boot!

If you can do it, then together we can accomplish great things. I believe in you, and I know you believe in me.

The following quote is from a girl who heard me speak 5 yrs. ago.

“I was up late last night, and my mind began to worry and fret about all the things in my life. I wanted something positive in my life to show me that there is still hope. And for some reason, don’t ask me why, I went to my closet, opened the door and looked up. There on the shelf was the smiley face, plush toy that you signed for me. I immediately remembered things that you had said 5 yrs earlier, that Life is an Attitude and we should never give up. I couldn’t believe I remembered that, especially when I cannot even remember what I ate yesterday. Thank you all you do and for reminding me for all these years, that there is something positive to live for.”

As Kelli read this to me, late one night in our living room, after a financially challenging day, I started to tear up and said to my wife, “This is why we do what we do, even when it gets hard.”

I hope the story inspires you as much as it does me. Never underestimate the power you have to change and possibly save another person’s life. I challenge you in the midst of the world’s chaos, from the political propaganda and your own daily struggles, to remember that your own life counts.

So when you get up tomorrow, ask God for wisdom, and go change the world. Because? YOU CAN! In closing, I want you to know that Kelli, Gracie and I have had a wonderful year. We have been all over the United States and have recently returned from London. Where I gave 16 speeches to thousands of people. Lives are in need of hopeful messages everywhere. Keep praying for us, specifically for health, necessary to maintain stamina for living on the road, for financial support to keep the wheels rolling, patience for my wife so she can deal with my out of control creative brain.

FYI Kelli’s Birthday is December 19th. She will be 28. Opps maybe ten years older. She and I just celebrated our 5th year anniversary at a restaurant, in the tower of London, overlooking the London Bridge.

Gracie will be 4 on January 14th and continues to be daddy’s little Cinderella. She is such a wonderful traveler.

Jessi turned 15, and is becoming a beautiful woman. Not to mention a wonderful singer.

Mattie is 10 and continues to have a bubbly personality, she makes friends with everybody.

Roni will be 9 in January. She is involved with many sports. Her favorite is dance.

My grandma, Ruth Heagy, turned 90 last month and all 45 of her children, grand children, great grand children celebrated it with her. I remain to be her favorite grandson.

We celebrated my mother’s first birthday since she has gone to be with the Lord. It is so hard not having her here. I miss her very much. Please pray for my dad, Ron Sr., after 50yrs you can imagine how lonely he is.

Many of my friends have asked how they can help. I say please “support the ministry”, Never Give Up.

They respond, no, “How do we help you and your family?” The truth is my medical needs are extreme and there are a lot of costs associated to being in a wheelchair and needing 24 hour care. Kelli does so much, going beyond the call of duty most of the time, but she can’t do it all. 

Therefore in response to the question, “How do we help you?” we have established a tax deductable fund where you can make donations that directly help us with medical needs.

Your donations will be held in the National Transplant Assistance Fund(NTAF), and can be distributed to us from there to cover medical expenses. NTAF is well organized and has helped people for many years raise funds for medical expenses after a catastrophic injury. 

If you are interested in making a donation to help us directly, simply make checks payable to NTAF, and mail them to us at PO Box 972 Albany, OR 97321. Or go on to to make a credit card donation.

All donations are tax deductable and are strictly maintained. You will recieve a reciept for your donation from NTAF.

On another note…don’t forget to do your Christmas shopping on my website  My new smiley faces make great stocking stuffers and/or Christmas tree ornaments. (The new design has wheels instead of legs.)

Again words cannot express my appreciation for friends like you. Thanks for all you do and remember you are special so it is a good day to smile.

With much love and gratitude,

Ron, Kelli and Family.

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  1. Dear Ron, \tonight some how i came across your video, it must have been Gods doing as I am 61 & just learning about the internet & computers. I want you to know how your message has touched my heart. Coming from a very disfuntional childhood, i have had suffered from deppresion& anxiety problems all my life. I became a Christen at 12 years old. i have held on to Gods word to get through the hardest times in my life. My first husban walk out on me and our 3great children for another woman. left us with no money, no hot water, no car and me with an ulcer in my stomach sick as could be.I did’t know where to turn , i became depressed. But i prayed about it and cried alot too.Then i had to pull my self together for my children. So i got food stamps for a few months, went school to get my GED,as i hadn’t finnished high shool. got a job through a goverment sponsred program for displaced homemakers, Iknow God helped me through this very hard time again in my life. I woked 2 jobs for a long time to keep our family together. I sold my wedding rings to get a lawyer to get papers for a divorce & some child support from my husban who worked for the
    secret Service uniform division,the White house & the Embassies in Washington D.C. even thought he had a good job ,i still had to work 2 jobs. I never thought i could stand alone & raise 3 good ,loving children but I know God was there to help me the whole time. thank you for your strength to help othersas you do.God Bless you & your family as you continue to inspire others to keep on & never give up!! Fondly, margaret Slusser

  2. hey there , hot rod ron,, jst heard your testimony, at living hope church, vanc, what was amazing was in my quite time before church, the lord was telling me to get my testimony of a time in our lives, that was truly ordained bt the father.. it was in parallel to your experience,, but by know means as hard core,, dude,, you are hard core,, and i know that as you press , push, and believe,, in the hope rod, and your other vision of being the difference,, God , will open doors, and create opportunity’s that you never dreamed of,, psalms 89:34,35, go for it brother,, my wife and I will believe with you and pray that the heart of hoperod, will explode, in jesus name god bless, for you truly are a mighty man of valor, kevin and dianne king,,

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