Friendship and a pelican

                                                     My friend Dave ” I know what your thinking”

This is roll-on-Ron with your motivational message. Thank you for reading what I work hard to share with you. It’s so important for us to encourage each other and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Friendship and a pelican!

For those of you keeping up with my health, I have my appetite back so I think the parasite is gone. In addition e-coli is not showing up on the tests anymore.  I have finally felt well enough to visit an old friend in Eastern Oregon.  It has been over 15 years since I last saw him.  My friend and I were close, he used to drive me around and help me out during my college days at San Diego State University.  This visit brought up several memories.

One day we decided to visit the beach to relax and just get away from the stresses and deadlines of college.  When we got to the beach I was wheeling around and we tried to figure out how to get down to the people, the sand and the fun.  I asked him where the ramps were.  It turns out there were no ramps and I was not going to get the wheel chair down to the beach.  I was getting a bad attitude quickly thinking to myself “You bring me to a non wheelchair accessible beach; that is just wonderful!”  My friend interrupted my pity party to let me know he was going to carry me down to the beach and set me in a lawn chair. 

“Really, you are quite the man, but just how are you going to do that… throw me over your shoulder or carry me in your arms like your girlfriend?  What exactly are people going to think of that?” I said sarcastically.

My friend replied very simply “It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.”  He picked me up and carried me down to the beach.  My face was close to his so I kissed him on the cheek, to which he told me in jest “never do that again or I will drop you.”

He got me all set up in a lawn chair and told me I actually looked normal.  I thought “what’s normal?”  My friend went off to have a little fun himself so I decided to get my bad attitude in check and enjoy the beach, the people and the sun.  A pretty girl walked by, smiled and waved at me.  I gave her the very in vogue quad nod and watched her walk away.  Suddenly my attention was on a very large pelican that flew near me. I watched him amazed by his size and wing span.  As I watched him he swooped a little low and suddenly I felt the slimy pelican poo on my forehead.  There was not a lot I could do but wait.  Of course as I waited the pretty girl came back by.  I tried to hide my forehead, but she gave me an entirely different look this time around.  Finally, my friend showed up and once he got control of his laughter, he wiped my forehead. 

I have many fond memories with my friend.  Regretfully, I admit that way too much time has gone by since I saw him last.  Life happens fast, but we have to remember what it is all about: people, connections and friendship.  I did not need to wait 15 years to see my friend.

Maybe today you should call up an old friend, make a connection, remember some old times and have a hearty laugh.  There might just be someone who needs to hear from you today?  It is so important to surround ourselves with friends and family.  It makes life easier and better.  Sometimes life dumps on you.  Are you going to get bitter or are you going to get better? And who is going to be there to help you clean it up? Go friendships and keep flying you wonderful pelicans!

“Those who can’t see the invisible cannot achieve the impossible!

We are thankful for those of you that have helped support our mission financially through these challenging times. 

In summary, even though I am still strapped into my wheelchair and at times in our lives we get hit with poo.  Just like you have been there for me, I promise to clean you up if you get hit too!  I have faith in you and you can count on me to keep you motivated and inspired on your journey.  I thank God every day for my beautiful wife Kelli, for our wonderful children and I thank Him for amazing friends like you!

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Truly Grateful,

Ron Heagy

Party poopin on Packers

Party Poopin’ on the Packers

First, let me tell you that I root for the Green Bay Packers.  I was born in Wisconsin, enough said.  My team is going to the Super Bowl and I could not be more excited.  I will tell you a story about the impact I had on this team….

My dream came true about three years ago when I got to speak to the team and share my testimony.  I was in Wisconsin on a 9 day speaking tour which concluded with me talking to the players the night before the Packers vs. Bears game.  This was going to be a great game.  I was with my buddy Dave, who could easily have passed for a football player himself.  We decided to go for a Prime Rib dinner right before my speaking engagement.  About 15 minutes before I was to speak to my team I got a look on my face that worried my friend.  He asked what was wrong and my response… “The worst thing that could have happened just happened.”  For those of you who aren’t reading between the lines, I creamed my jeans.  My friend asked me “what are you going to do?”  I was beginning to smell like an outhouse.  My friend told me he would take care of me from the neck up and I did have a care taker to “take care” of me.  But I was also running out of time. 

I had two choices, to give up and let down a group of men, or to pick myself up and move forward.  I was faced with a dilemma, God had a purpose for me to come and speak but the devil, obviously did not want me there.  So I told my friend “I guess I get to go and speak with a load in my pants!”  A little poo was not going to stop me! 

About 40 – 50 of the players showed up that night, including Coach Mike McCarthy and his daughter.  I talked for forty minutes.  I shared that with God all things are possible, I wasn’t playing football like they all were, but I was making touchdowns in a different way, for a different score.  We are all here for a purpose.  What is yours? 

I knew I was stinking up the room, mainly because my friend gave me a nod from the back which was the “yep you stink” sign.  So, I was glad there was a rule that I couldn’t ask for any autographs from the players.  I told them all, to hearty laughs, that I hated to be a party pooper but it was time for me to go.  My care giver was there and I left.

One of the football players ran to stop me. Football players are BIG men so he knelt down to talk.  He told me how I touched his heart that evening.  He told me he was a Christian and had not been sharing his faith.  We talked for forty minutes.  I apologized for the smell, but he did not care.  He told me he wanted to be a light for the Lord. 

I had no idea the impact my words would have to this man.  My obedience and my desire to do what I was purposed for started a spark that hopefully turned into a fire.  If I would have let the poo get to me that spark could have been extinguished.  The final score on that day? God 1, devil 0.  Oh, and Packers got creamed themselves in that game, but who knows it might have just taken three years of fanning the flames!  Go Packers, here is your chance!

I did not let poo get in the way. 

Sometimes we are in uncomfortable situations, but we have to push through being uncomfortable in order to get the blessing.

What impact are you making?  What chances are you taking?  Go out and start a spark.  You just never know who might be listening.



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This is roll-on-Ron Heagy with your motivational message!

Rudy – Never Give Up

I met a guy named Rudy while dining with my wife and daughters.  He was our server that day.  I have a vague memory of this meeting, but Rudy remembers every detail.  During that meeting I asked Rudy “what are you doing with your life?”  Rudy had been a boxer and loved it, from the people to the actual fight.  Now, those of you wondering why you would want to punch someone else in the face, just remember that boxing is a sport which requires talent, training and dedication.  Apparently, Rudy was hurt and gave up boxing.  Rudy found himself in a spot where he did not know what else to do with his life.  I asked him if he could be killed while participating in this sport and his answer was “no.”  (Phew!)  We proceeded to discuss not giving up, as I have a lot to say about this subject.  Sometimes we just need to believe in possibilities and hope for success, even when it seems impossible.  Even more, we need to be around people who believe in us.

I received a call about a month later from Rudy.  He told me how I had inspired him to move forward.  He had trained for his first fight since being injured.  When he got to that fight he gave it up to God and did his best.  Rudy won that fight and was thankful for that seemingly random conversation we had the month before. 

So often in life, we are all in a fight for something.  The people who surround us may be in a fight for things we don’t see at first glance.  No matter where you are in your life, you have the power to impact people in ways you cannot imagine.  I believe these opportunities put before us are not accidents.  So, be positive in your daily interactions.  Smile and enjoy that conversation because you never know how your words may help create change or action.  You might touch someone at just the right time.  My call to you: Go out and change the world!  

Have a blessed day,

Ron Heagy

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I love my wife!

I love my wife!

Kelli amazes me; she makes Christmas so wonderful for our family. The inside of our house is beautifully decorated with her loving heart. This year she went even further, arranging a family photo shoot, preparing Christmas dinner for 16 people, driving us to all the holiday programs and shopped within our budget.  I am in awe of my wife and how she is able to pull off yet another Christmas without a hitch!

I must admit, it is hard for me at times to sit and watch her work so hard and wishing I could help her, particularly when I know she is wearing down and exhausted. 

 Kelli does so much for me without a compliant.  The loss of my social security benefit, my additional health problems and the need for 24 hour care surely contributes to the challenges my wife carries.  Words con not express my appreciation for her compassionate giving heart.  I love my wife with a love that is felt deep inside my soul.  Kelli is my one and only true love.  I am very grateful that God blessed me with her.  I appreciate all she does to bring my life joy.

I just want to send a little note to express my appreciation for the help I receive from each of you and I want to close with a huge thank you for your prayers and financial support this last year, you are one of the reasons why we continue “Rolling On!”

We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully in 2011 we can see you face to face…

May God richly bless your new year!

Ron Heagy Jr.

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A lot to be thankful for!


            As I reflect back over the last year, I must say how amazed I am that the Good Lord is still using my life, in spite of the fact that I am paralyzed from the neck down.   Kelli and I have had the opportunity to share the never give up, keep your attitude positive and become all that you can be message to many people.  We truly believe that everybody’s life is valued by God and therefore has purpose.  

This year has also brought new challenges to me physically. I have been battling pressure sores and chronic bladder infections.  In fact, I found myself hospitalized for three days.  Because of my UTI results, I have had to cancel some of my speaking – which I have not done before.  As most of you know, I no longer qualify for disability benefits as a result of my work.  All that being said, I am still one of the luckiest guys alive.  I have a beautiful family, great friends like you and I’m an American with food in my refrigerator, a roof over my head and a warm heater.  In these trying times I can honestly say God has been good to me!

            Christmas is our favorite time of the year. Last night my wife and girls decorated our Christmas tree and my wife loves to decorate the house with loving holiday cheer.  As I watched my daughters hang the various Christmas ornaments, I sat with a smile on my face as I reminisced about all the Christmases we have spent together.  Laughter filled the air when the girls saw old pictures of themselves.  People seem to be happier and friendlier this time of year. But we all know that the giving spirit is much more necessary now more than ever before; people are not hurting just financially, they are in need of friendship, compassion and common purposes.

I would like to take this time to thank you; my friend, for being a part of my life.  I hope my life has affected yours as yours has mine and together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

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                                                                        We love you,

Ron, Kelli and girls!

Motivational Monday Message – Connor

This is roll on Ron with your motivational Monday message and I pray your week is blessed.

I was invited to speak at an elementary school in Salem for a second time. This is the school where I met 12 year old Conner and his family.  He is in a wheelchair and he is doing MUCH better.  He was so excited to tell me that he is creating a cartoon series. As he talked about it, I could see the excitement in his face and the sparkle in his eyes.

My experience with Conner made me realize that we were born with a very valuable tool.  You could call it a gold mine and that is our brain.  If you looked around the room, your workplace, or your car, you will see hundreds of inventions that started as a mere thought in someone’s mind.

Our brains have four amazing duties:

1) It will process a vast amount of information from our five senses all at one time. What you see, what you taste, what you hear, what you smell and what you feel.  And if you’re a movie buff, “Six Senses”.

2) It stores the information it receives.  It is capable of retaining billions of bits of information throughout your lifetime.   It then gathers that information from your memory bank in a split second.  It is available for you to recall immediately.

3) The brain is capable of logical reasoning to make judgement calls.  It can make a decision in a split second.  An example would be ducking if a ball flys at you at 90 miles an hour.

4) The last is imagination.  The brain is very creative and inventive.  Everything we use started in the mind of someone.  The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, the Aztecs, the space shuttle……the list goes on.

The problem is that for some reason or another, most people don’t continue to use their brain to its full capacity.  They absorb enough information to exist and we become idle.  We don’t challenge our brains as we get older.  Unfortunately, creativity is set aside sometimes at an early age.

It is said that all children use imagination but unfortunately not many adults do. Creativity is what excites the human more than anything else.  It is the most rewarding aspect of the mind.  Creativity increases endorphins which excite the body with energy.

I encourage you to tap into the resources of your mind and bring back imagination.  Do something creative.  Draw a picture of something from your imagination or build something unique.  Imagine a better mouse trap, develop a new recipe, create a new game, make a flower arrangement. You can do anything you can imagine – the sky is the limit!
As I began to speak, I could see anguish in some of the parents faces.  The current economical situation has made us feel discouraged.  After I was done speaking, there seemed to be a sense of enthusiasm.  They definitely heard the message of hope.  Many thanked me for the inspiration.  I hope they use their brains and continue to remember my message.

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Hope Rod part 1

Ron Heagy Hope RodI hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!   I am so thankful for many blessings over this past year!  One of the biggest events for me personally was being able to fulfill my dream of driving 100mph by myself.

Many of you have asked for the details of that trip, so here you go!

After years of planning my dream of driving, The Hope Rod trip was finally here. The amazing Quad Squad had taken care of all the details and they left Vancouver, Washington with the Hope Rod.   We planned to meet the Quad Squad in Fields, Oregon so I could drive the car by myself in the desert.

I was nervous as I said my goodbyes to my wife Kelli and my girls; I knew they were nervous too because a lot could go wrong on this adventure.  On the other hand, I was also very excited because I would be the first complete quadriplegic to drive a car 100mph just with my mouth.

As I left my driveway with my driver, my photographer and my caregiver I said a prayer asking God to bless our trip, to keep us all safe and to allow the success of the Hope Rod to bring glory to Him.

We were on the road for less than an hour when I received a distress call from Ron Phillips, the leader of the Quad Squad.   Ron explained that the heavy-duty pickup truck they were using to tow the HOPE ROD trailer had broken down in the mountains near Bend, Oregon.   My heart sank as I pictured this dream coming to an abrupt end before it ever got started.   Instead of me driving the Hope Rod, it was sitting in a trailer, abandoned on the side of the road as the Quad Squad sought out a fix for the broken truck.  I started to get a little depressed but quickly realized that this was probably the devil trying to stop this miracle from happening.

Has this ever happened to you?  Do things sometimes not go your way??  Do you sometimes get discouraged or worry??     Don’t feel bad…it happens to all of us.  But how you react to those situations is very important.

You can give up  and hang your head in despair or you can take a deep breath and do all you can in your power to repair the situation and be able to hold your head up high in knowing that you gave it your all.  The devil wants you to be disparaged but God wants you to succeed!  And he will be there with you in your struggles…

My response was to pray.  I rebuked the negative thoughts and I asked God to bless this trip and to be with the Quad Squad.  My challenge to you this Monday is to do the same thing in your life. Ask God to bless you…He will…. because He loves you and so do I.  🙂

Come back next week to hear if my prayers were answered. God bless you- Ron

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Don’t judge a brother!




            I needed a permanent caregiver, but the social services agency had no nurse’s available for live-in assignments.  Then the staff ran an ad in the local newspaper, only one person responded.  The agency gave Daniel Webster Doe my number and suggested he call me.

            When my student driver dropped me off at my home on the day of our interview, I found a rough-looking man in his fifties waiting on my front porch.  He was half aging hippie, half Hells Angel; a big, burly man with long hair and a bushy beard.  A leopard tattoo peeked out from under the sleeve of his faded t-shirt, and his blue jeans sagged.  An old, beat-up bicycle leaned against the porch steps.  Great! I thought, morosely checking our Mr. Doe’s disheveled appearance and shabby clothes.  They must have advertised for a bar bouncer or a companion for a paralyzed Hell’s Angel.  For a moment I regretted that I hadn’t locked my front door before leaving that morning.  He’s probably already been inside and robbed me blind, I decided. 

            I wondered how quickly I could get rid of him.  It would be impolite just to roll up to the porch and say, “Hello, nice to meet you.  Please leave.”  But obviously, this guy would never do.

            As if to contradict my first impression of him, the huge man quickly rose and  hopped off the porch when he saw the van pull in.  Stepping to the side door, he lifted the door handle, reached inside, and deftly lowered the lift.

            “Hello,” he said with a merry twinkle in his eye.  The friendly smile beneath his beard instantly transformed him from an intimidating hulk to Santa Claus.

            Starting to reach out for a handshake, he quickly shoved both hands in his pockets instead. “I’m Daniel,” he said, eyes still twinkling.

            Surprising myself, I liked him instantly.

            His background was as mottled as his appearance: an abused child, teenage runaway, military veteran, and former alcoholic and drug abuser, he had been married and divorced twice and had even served time in jail—the perfect  companion for a completely dependent, single Christian schoolteacher trying to recover from a broken heart.

            Ours was an odd-couple arrangement that somehow worked, once I finally adjusted to his shortcomings in cooking and housekeeping, I grew to admire and appreciate his more important characteristics: staunch loyalty and great dependability.  Daniels’s heart was as big as his body.  He would do anything for me, and never complained, no matter how many times I called him during the night.

            Daniel Webster Doe was more than  my caregiver for over 17yrs; he became my brother.  One of his favorite lines when someone would ask about me was “I was hired from the neck down, I’m the body, he is the brain. You should as Ron.”  Daniel always had my back.  After Kelli and I were married, Daniel became Papa Doe.  Our girls loved him and he always had a new joke to keep them laughing.  He was part of our family and he celebrated all holidays and family get togethers with us. 

            Daniel Webster Doe left this earth in September of this year.  He now enjoys a better place, and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s been hugging on my mama in heaven.  He loved Jesus and was not afraid to tell you God is your only hope.  I will miss him more than I could possibly express, for nobody in my life can or ever will be able to replace this wonderful man and his amazing friendship. 

            It freaks me out to think I could’ve missed out on Daniel’s life based on my preconceived external biases. I am so glad I got to know him before responding to my initial evaluation.  I can’t help but wonder how many Daniel Does I have rolled on by.  My brother and sister, I encourage you to take a moment and allow yourself the opportunity to prove your preconceived ideas wrong.   Get to know a person from the inside out.  Let’s not make judgment calls before we give a relationship a chance.  “Everyone is once a stranger.”


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