Tulips and Something Older Than Grandma Ruth

Tulips and Something Older Than Grandma Ruth

Look grandma something older than you that’s still rolling! 

After three attempts we finally made it to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn Oregon. If you haven’t been it’s definitely a spectacular experience to behold and worth the trip. Or, trips in our case!

Our first attempt was with my grandma, my cousin and our children. My grandma was totally stoked about seeing the tulips. We transferred her into the backseat so that I could fit my wheelchair in the van and get our three kids piled in around the chairs.

On our way there Grandma said that she was very excited to see the tulips because this would be her last trip. Then, it began to rain. But in Oregon, you don’t give up just because it rains. You keep moving forward!

To our surprise when we arrived there wasn’t a tulip in sight! They said that the weather had not cooperated and even though they were open there were no tulips in bloom.

“How can a tulip festival have no tulips,” I asked.

“Try again in a couple of weeks,” was their response.

“Well, grandma I guess you’re going to have to live for two more weeks,” I stated.

We decided to head to McDonald’s, which was the next best thing to Tulips. At least that’s what the kids thought.

Two weeks later we headed out in the hopes of Tulips again. And yes it rained the entire way. Luckily, when we arrived the rain had subsided. However, the mud was in full swing. Grandma and I did some 4×4 and made it through that mud.

The tulips were beautiful! Although we couldn’t get too close in our chairs due to the rain created swampland we were amazed by the beautifully bold and vibrant colors that tulips are known for.

Sitting next to my grandma at that moment was such a wonderful experience. It truly warmed my soul on that chilly day. I am grateful to have yet another fond memory to recall with my Grandmother.

The serenity was interrupted by a few chitty chitty bang bang sounds! Turning around we watched as a 1917 steam powered tractor went by.

“Look, Grandma, there’s something older than you and it’s still working,” I said. We both smiled and watched the tractor. Then the skies opened up and that Oregon rain began to pour again.

We made a mad dash through a quarter of a mile of mud! Grandma nearly slipped out of her wheelchair a few times and her hat blew off and rolled down the muddy road. But in the end, we all left with a smile and a memory of a trip that we did not give up on.

It seems to me that life is often a lot like the tulip trip. You plan, prepare, get excited and then something goes wrong. Well, as they say, winners never quit and quitters never win!

May this fun story remind you to overcome your discouragement and barriers. Press on through the storms and come out the other side to beautiful new views, a lasting memory, and a smile! Life is good!

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  1. I saw you about 20 years ago, I believe it was an Amway convention in California. I just moved again n ran across a pamphlet of yours, looked you up on Google n am as inspired today as I was then. You’re simply amazing! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all. Given the opportunity I’d see you again in a heart beat! If you’re ever in MI…

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