A Christmas Note ……..

A Christmas Note,


The first Christmas without my Grandmother in the world.

Grandma Heagy was not always physically present at our Christmas party but every year there was a HANDWRITTEN card sent our way. I’m talking half a page of good grandma gratitude.

Just the thought around Christmas knowing that card would be in the mail inspired me. Seeing my name penned by my grandmother’s hand on the envelope and knowing she took the time to write a unique message just to me warmed my soul. Grandma’s always know how to make us feel special, don’t they?

The last thing I told my grandma face to face was how much of an inspiration she had been to me. I made sure she knew that I loved her and the impact her life had on mine. Although, I didn’t know that would be the last thing I said to her, I knew the time was coming close.

It was good that I shared a verbal I LOVE YOU because the next time I sat in her room she was no longer conscience. I reminisced out loud of all the wonderful times we had together. Although she wasn’t conscience, I want to believe that she was reminiscing right along with me. My advice to you is to say the words. When you love someone, tell them. Tell them today. You never know when that “last time” really is.

Recently was my grandmother, Ruth Heagy’s, celebration of life! I sat and listened to numerous testimonies about how individuals loved my grandma. Over and over they would talk about her smile lifting them up. Grandma’s smile was constant and bright.

At one point a lady stood and recalled her experiences as a student in high school. As a grown woman she ventured out to Grandma’s celebration of life to share how the lunch lady of 20 years inspired and encouraged her all those years ago.

If you are interested in reading some of my reminiscing of Grandma Ruth you can read my story here (or at rollonron.com Blog tab) that I shared after my Grandmother’s passing last month.


When was the last time?

When was the last time I wrote a mouth written card? When did I take the time to write something about someone?

Even if your handwriting isn’t the greatest don’t let it stop you. Grandma herself would say her handwriting wasn’t the greatest but she didn’t let that bother her.

Life in general can feel chaotic, confusing and fast paced. Especially this time of the year. Let’s slow down. In fact, stop now. Let’s do a one-minute memory challenge:

Stop and think for one minute about a person in your life. 60 simple seconds. Just let all the memories bombard your mind. Think of them without allowing the negative thoughts to linger. Can you take 2 to 3 minutes and write those thoughts down? Can you do that daily? Or, a few times a week? What about sending that little note in the mail to that person? Can you make remembering and documenting your stories with your loved ones a regular practice? My Grandmother did and to this day it’s one of my most precious memories of her.

Here we are looking at 2020. My daughers will turn 15 and 20 years this next month. Roni is finishing her 2nd year at Grand Canyon university and Gracie is currently reminding me she is going to be driving soon. Both of my girls have been working hard to keep their grades up and achieve their individual goals.  The start of their journeys out there in the chaotic and busy world. They will surly meet their bad days, but with the knowledge that their dad loves them and supports them as I too try to remember to share those happy and loving moments with them as often as possible.

My Christmas wish this year is that I would not be critical and to remember to smile each day. Even though I may not feel like it. I wish you all the same and may you see a joyous new year bring you inspiration and motivation.

If you’re looking to make an end of the year donation to help with the Never Give Up cause you can write a check or use this link (or go to rollonron.com donate tab). Feel free to give us a call! We’d love to chit chat about any ideas you have for public speaking venues or just to share some words with each other. Our office number is 541-926-1839. Please leave a message if we don’t answer and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Merry Christmas and a ho ho happy New Year!


With an attitude of gratitude,

Ron Heagy

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