Flies Don’t Die

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

I had a little alone time in my office the other day and it was quite enjoyable.  The door was open, the sun was shining, but then out of nowhere I heard a loud buzzing as a fly flew around my ear.  I shook my head, which invited him to land on my upper lip.  I nodded my head downward to get him to move, which only shot him up my right nostril.  He buzzed in my nose and then flew back out, landing once again on my lip.  I was grossed out, so I snapped in his direction with my teeth and yelled, “I’m going to conquer this fly!”  He landed on my desk, sitting there as if to wait for me to calm down so he could once more make an attempt at my face. As soon as I let my guard down, he headed directly back to my lip.

This battle went on and even after I found someone with a fly swatter, this persistent fly is still alive.  I can hear him as I speak while he continues to hover around my desk.  This fly won’t die.  I think that most of us would admit flies can be a royal pain.  However, I learned something from the fly that day: the importance of persistence.  Although the fly was persistently bugging me, he did not give up.  He would not back off and would ultimately try again.

I have noticed in the lives of those around me, the actors on TV, the news media, and the world in general, that people, for the most part, lack patience these days.  We want instant gratification and have set aside persistence.

We can’t give up too easily.  When things get tough we need to get back into the fight, roll up our sleeves and carry on.  It does involve chance, creativity and faith, but as the persistent fly made it to his destination, you too, can achieve your dreams.   Don’t give up, succeed in the good fight.  I’m not asking you to be annoying or bothersome like a fly; I’m simply saying to take up a challenge and see it through!

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