For Father’s Day

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

“I can’t imagine my son becoming paralyzed; how devastating it would be.”

This past week I have attended a few graduation ceremonies, one of which was for my nephew, Zack. Zack is the son of my little brother, Mike, the one who pulled me from the surf 34 years ago. It’s crazy; Zack is now the age I was when Mike saved my life. During the celebration, I sat watching these young men jumping into this small pool and rough-housing with one another around it. I yelled, “Be careful, don’t dive in head-first! You could end up paralyzed like me.” One of the fathers overheard me and said, “I can’t imagine my son becoming paralyzed; how devastating it would be.” We talked for awhile, and as we spoke, flashes of my father’s face went through my mind.

Ron Heagy, Sr. for 34 years has patiently cared for me; bathing, dressing, toileting, changing catheters, feeding me, hugging me, holding me through pain, trials, and tears. Even though my father and I butt heads from time to time, he continues to amaze me. Dad has always been there when I needed him and has never given up on me. He has given me much-needed support, believing in my capabilities and encouraging me to conquer seemingly impossible dreams. I have always known that no matter what, my father would do pretty much anything to ensure my health, safety and success.

Now that I’m a father to Roni, 14, and Gracie, 9, I realize how much my dad sacrificed for his family. I want to thank him for not giving up and being there for the past 34 years of my life. He has given me the gift of true fatherhood in spite of all the trials he has endured.

Dad, I want to tell you and the world how incredibly grateful I am for giving me unconditional love. I love you, happy Father’s Day.

I challenge all of my male friends out there to say something to your father on this very special day. Statistically, fathers are not celebrated on Father’s Day in comparison to Mother’s Day. Let’s change that. God bless all of the fathers out there. You are important and this is your day. Thank you for all you do and may your heart be filled with love.

Gracie, Me, and Dad

Gracie, Me, and Dad

To your inspiration,


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