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I was sitting at my easel with my paintbrush in my teeth, when all of a sudden, through my open sliding glass door two swallows swooped in, flew around my head, and then hit a window at the opposite end of my office. Both birds dropped to the floor and I could see that they were dazed, confused, and possibly injured.  They fluttered their wings frantically, repeatedly beating themselves against the window in an attempt to make it to the outside world.  They obviously couldn’t figure out that glass stood between them and the freedom to fly again.

I found myself attempting to communicate to them that the open door was in the other direction.  I tried to encourage them away from the window in vain.  I even moved myself in their direction with my wheelchair.  This only made matters worse as they soared around my office, gaining speed, hitting the window and crashing to the floor.  “How could I help these birds find their way?” I thought.  It seems so obvious to me, and yet my ways were not their ways, my thoughts were not their thoughts.  In fact, my presence created fear.

During this moment of chaos, a thought echoed through the chambers of my mind.  These birds represent us in the eyes of God.  He can see our struggle, and He knows the way.  Like me watching the little birds, the only way to communicate would be to become one of them, and yet remain a human, so that I could still see the way.  As strange as it seems, that is why the Bible says that God sent Jesus Christ to earth as a man.  It was God’s means of showing us the way out through the open door.  Christ must have been a part of God in order to know this way.

Well, because I’m not God, I couldn’t turn myself into a bird still remain a man in order to show these swallows the way out of my office.  I did, however, wait patiently and through a little coaxing, they finally found their way to freedom.  It was an unbelievable feeling to watch them fly free rather than to hopelessly pound themselves to death against the window pane.

You may find yourself struggling, beat up, dazed and confused, or lonely.  I encourage you to consider turning to the Great Artist (no, not me) of all creation and His son.  For further information on what I’ve found to be true, grab a Bible and read the book of John.  Just a suggestion, but it may help you, too.

Thank God there is a bigger picture than our struggles.  I pray, that like the swallows that flew free, you will find God’s reassurance and peace to help you on your journey today.

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