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I was working on my vineyard painting and thinking of what I could share with my friends that might be encouraging. I was hoping for a word of inspiration when it dawned on me that I had received some beautiful letters recently from a group of 8th graders. As I read through their heartfelt expressions of the impact that I had on their lives, I couldn’t help but think of you and all those who have prayed for me. It takes a team to make a dream come true, so these letters are for you, as well as myself. Oh, and by the way, they were HAND-written. Shocking, isn’t it, when most teens only text message. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space to post all of them, but here are a few. May your heart be filled with hope.

vineyard painting 004

To your inspiration,


Please click on the images to enlarge them. The students names have been censored to protect their privacy.







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  1. Its been awhile since we met..about 12 years now, but then, you inspired me ad you still do. Every day that i am reminded of your story, reminds me, that in the midst of my darkest times, I can hang on because HE COMES THROUGH.,,,
    thank you for sending me these inspirational emails
    april spears you have anything going on in or near gresham any time soon? moving back to Cali soon and would love to see ya again before I do.

  2. Dear Ron, How wonderful for you to receive these heartfelt letters to encourage you right back. Thank you so much for sharing them. The reminder to cherish the present reality and the people in it, is always timely and it is not lost on me, either. Please remember you are very much loved.

  3. Ron you will never know how often Nick and I think of you and your family. We miss you at the AIM conventions. Nick knows he’s had a challenge in life but not near as much as you have had. God has used you in ways, more than you can even imagine. He will and has done more than we can even think or imagine in our wildest of dreams. My green smiley face still hangs in my bedroom, a link with you. Thank you Ron for being a man of God. A man of courage even when it may seem like its not there. Thank you for being a friend. You keep on rolling Ron
    In Christ love Nick and Lois King

    • Lois and Nick,

      I apologize for not replying sooner. I’d love to attend more events, but now that Gracie is getting older I want to spend more time in Oregon and less time on the road. We’ll see each other again one of these days, I’m sure!

      I truly appreciate all of your kind words. I hope all has been going well in your lives. May God continue to bless you both and your family.


  4. Ron,
    Its amazing that you are inspired by these 8th graders; but then again, I’ve known you for a while, and you are among the most magnanimous spirits I have ever known. You are a wonderful Soul BEing. #NoLimits Your Friend, Eric

    • Thanks, Eric, for your kind words (never heard myself described as “magnanimous!”) Hope all is well with you.


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