Snow Day

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Some of my fondest memories as a child were “Snow Days.”  I remember in particular when I was eight years old and had just moved from Wisconsin to Oregon.  There was two feet of snow, which was almost unheard of in the valley.  My family thought nothing of it, though.  Wisconsin sometimes would see eight to ten feet of snow!

I felt like the King of the Winter Wonderland showing all of my new friends how to survive in the snow.  As a kid, we did not realize how trapped we were.  The stores were closed and no one could drive through the two feet of powder.  It reminds me of life and how quickly things change.  Circumstances and situations can leave you trapped like a blanket of snow.  The secret is: be prepared.  God tells us to fear not because we spiritually know he is in control.  Physically, it’s important to have resources, food, clothing, and tools.  Emotionally, it is good to maintain relationships with friends and family.  Teamwork is much more effective than isolation.  Maybe you can stop for a moment and formulate a plan for how you would make it through life’s crippling circumstances.  During these holidays I recommend spending time counting your blessings and being grateful for family, friends and community.

Please enjoy this video that Gracie and I made:

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