Ticked off by Telephones

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

I turned to my caregiver and said, “That guy had some real nerve.  That was a really unprofessional thing to do…”

My kids have been telling me that I need to get a new phone for some time now.  Is there something wrong with my phone?  Of course not, but it’s not “with the times,” as they say.  “What times are you talking about?”  That was just their point—I needed a new phone.  I began to look for my new phone and soon realized there are simply too many choices.  I felt like I was drowning in cell phone opportunity.  First stop was Verizon where I received good information and could actually preview the phones on display.  However, I thought I’d shop around and headed to Walmart.  The phones were certainly cheaper, but I sat waiting for 15 minutes until the one-and-only sales rep showed up.  He wasn’t able to provide much insight, so my search continued.  Best Buy was next and like Walmart, I couldn’t preview any of the phones.

The difference with Best Buy was that the sales representative seemed to have all the answers to my questions.  I was beginning to feel better about making a phone purchase now.  All of a sudden, another gentleman walked up to me and asked, point-blank, “Will you be buying a phone today?”  I felt put-off as I was still in the process of asking questions.  I responded by saying, “Yes, it’s possible.”  He then walked away and I continued my conversation with the sales rep.  About two minutes later, the man was back and asked the representative who was helping me to go assist another customer.  They both walked away, leaving me to sort through the phones myself.  I was dumbfounded.  I felt disrespected and unvalued.  I was there to buy a phone, but wasn’t looking to be pressured into it.  I proceeded to find the man who had called the rep away from me.  What he had done was unprofessional and frankly, pretty rude.  As someone who runs their own business, I know that it was not right.  I asked for his manager and repeated to him my feelings.  He apologized and I accepted the apology, but left with a feeling of being unimportant.  I’m a customer, and I’m entitled to it…

I caught myself later after reading from the book of Proverbs.  The passage said to be humble and not place yourself in a position where you would put others down.  I asked myself, “Why is it in life that we feel so entitled?”  Is it just America, where we have so much stuff that we ‘need’ to buy that we expect sales reps to treat us we’re kings and queens?  Maybe that’s why we’re so materialistic.  When we purchase items, generally, we’re treated like royalty because someone is being paid to do so.  Do we have a false sense of reality?  Don’t get me wrong, I think we should respect each other, but I’m not so sure about demanding respect.  I’m working on humility (which I stink at) and would like to invite you to pray with me that we all can have an attitude of gratitude and that we will build up one another with our words.

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Oh, by the way, I went to Costco and the phone was cheaper than all of those stores and the guy that helped me was awesome. 🙂

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  1. Hey Ron: Great story on your phone experience. I read with a laugh & a we’ve all been there thought in my head. Here is a little fun fact. Buckminster Fuller authored a book, “Critical Path”,out of print for almost 40yrs. now. There is mention of how big box stores are cutting employees,to fatten investor profits,leaving the customers to wonder….were is all the help ?. Granted, many people of all ages lack the skills to be in customer service, and at the same time they are pressured by bosses and quota’s to go for the quick sale. don’t we wish corporate could read about your experience. …P.S. did you get a hot rod phone, or stick with an old standard. And your inspiration coming my ways is at its Best,when you seem to be in the midst of a personal struggle. Go figure.

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