Veteran’s Day

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

Monday was Veteran’s day, and along with you I celebrated how grateful I am to those who have given their all for this country.  Gracie and I attended a Veteran’s Day parade here in our little hometown of Albany.  Gracie enjoyed seeing the various marching bands and festivities honoring our brave service men and women.

However, I was not enjoying my time as well as I could have.  I was freezing.  It was so cold and I wasn’t properly dressed for the weather that morning.  I didn’t complain much about it but my discomfort was showing.  As the parade marched on my 8 year old girl took her coat off and wrapped it around my frigid neck.  I told her that it was not necessary as I was sure she was cold, too.  She flipped the hood up and insisted that I was the one who needed it more.  “What a sacrifice that is, Gracie.  Why don’t you move my chin control away from me and you can snuggle up on my tray.  We’ll share the coat.”  That was the best feeling of all; having her close to me, making her laugh by blowing puffs of air into her hair.


I was so moved by Gracie, I couldn’t stop thinking about her actions.  I decided to buy her a small gift to honor her graciousness.  What a kind heart she has and what a prime example of selflessness she gave.  As her father, I should be the one to give up my coat.  Yet, allowing her to give from her heart without being told to, tells me that we are doing something right.

Every day should be considered Veteran’s Day.  If it was not for our veteran’s, there would be no freedom to enjoy the holidays—a freedom that we so easily take for granted.  And, with these holidays approaching quickly, look for selflessness and honor it–do something when you see it.   My heart is still blessed by Gracie’s actions.  I would like to invite you to recite a little prayer that she and I say together:  “Let my heart be filled with love and joy, patience, goodness, kindness, meekness and self –control.”  Make it a blessed day.

To your inspiration,


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  1. Ron,
    so great you are still here with us. I have your card pasted to a place where I can see it. Are you down in LA much? Next time you are down lewt me know.

    Roll on Ron! Roll on!

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