Who is Ron?


Ron Heagy broke his neck the day before his 18th birthday. Since that day, he has been a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. While many would simply give up, Ron made another choice. He chose to get better rather that bitter. With that positive attitude he received a master’s degree, became an inspirational speaker, talented mouth painter, accomplished author and founder of a special needs camp, and is a loving and devoted father.

Ron travels the world inspiring the lives of others in a powerful way. For over 25 years, he has inspired over two million individuals from his wheelchair, or as he calls it, his chariot. From young children to seniors, those who hear him speak are captivated by the message of courage, strength and true inspiration. With his candid sense of humor and real life experiences, he teaches how to turn adversity into opportunity, and how each of us can overcome our individual limitations. His presentation is guaranteed to educate and inspire any audience.



pic3Inspired and encouraged by his mother, Theresa, Ron decided to attempt painting with a brush in his mouth. With practice and determination, he became an amazing artist. Unable to reach the top of the canvas, Ron inverts the painting and completes the top half upside down. Each oil painting can take up to hundreds of hours, and each is truly a work of art.

Take a look in our store to view images of Ron’s awesome God-given talents. Many people have invested in at least one of his pieces as a way to continually inspire them to be all they were meant to be. With your purchase you are helping Ron to “roll on,” reaching others with his life-changing message to Never Give Up.


booksAs an author of two published books, “Life is An Attitude” and “Never Give Up”, Ron encourages his readers to be all that they can be. Living his own life message, using a stick in his teeth to type, he received his master’s degree in social work (1992). He was awarded Disabled Oregonian of the Year (1995).



pic7Thank you for your interest in Ron Heagy and his Life is an Attitude—Never Give Up™ message of courage and hope.

Motivating From Experience™, Ron captivates his audiences each time he shares his life-changing story. He touches hearts and inspires minds as he demonstrates the power of determination through his medical and financial challenges, artistic talents, educational successes, Social work and the blessings of family.

Sharing with millions worldwide, Ron delivers his story with passion and excitement. “I believe that life is an attitude and that we should never give up, no matter what the circumstances or situations of the past, present, or future. Everyone can succeed with the right attitude. It requires a combination of mind, spirit, emotion, and body. My primary goal is to help people everywhere turn negatives into positives and become better, not bitter, individuals,” says Ron.



pic5I am so very proud of my daughters. They have kind hearts and enjoy dancing. Gracie is in choir and is an avid animal lover, while Roni has become an amazing dancer and she was honored for her choreography abilities. We love traveling and I greatly enjoy exploring together with my girls. We are blessed by the opportunity to see and hear positive stories from around the world. Keep up with us by signing up for the blog.