1. Dearest Ron,
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas memory and your painting, thoroughly enjoyed both. May you, your family and friends equally enjoy a Blessed Christ filled Christmas and a Glorious New Year. Robert is out of town and I am Lennice his wife.


  2. Dear Ron,
    Your Christmas memory is great. I’m sure glad you and your “little brother,” are close. I am a little brother. My older brother, Kenneth, is 3 1/2 years older than I am. I’m 69, as of last July 05th. My favorite memory of my brother, Ken, is when was about 8, and I guess he was heading on 12. He took me hunting. He borrowed a 22 from my cousin, and we went to the woods to hunt squirrels, rabbits, or whatever. He helped me fire the rifle. I’m not sure we bagged anything. However, I recall it wash cold, and snow was on the ground, and I could hear crows calling to one another. Now, every time I hear crows, it takes me back to that time, in the woods, hunting with my big brother, Kenny. Thanks, man. Your the best. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely wife and children.

    Larry O’Renick
    Blue Springs, M

  3. Thanks Ron for sharing your Christmas memories….It brought back memories of Christmas for me as a youngster..I come from a family of 5 children, me being the oldest. Our dad was a pastor (church planter) and in those days, money was so scarce that a nickel was worth a dollar to us. Anyway, mom and dad would give my sister and I a dollar to do our Christmas shopping. So before we walked to the 5 and dime store, we would secretly decide what we would buy for each other…something we really wanted or, rather, needed. This one year we decided that we each wanted our own facecloth so that is what we purchased for each other, wrapped up our gifts, put them under the tree and were we surprised on Christmas morning when we opened our gifts!!!! Wow!!! our own facecloths!!! Mom and Dad never knew. They were just happy to be able to put a huge navel orange into the toe of our stocking and a small gift under the tree. Those were the days when Christmas was really special because we understood what sacrifice really meant…God has been so good to me, my husband and our family over the years and Christmas is such a special time as we think about and celebrate the sacrifice that God made on our behalf to prepare a way for us to come to Him. Thank you Lord, for the baby Jesus who was born for us to be our sacrifice. Joe and I wish you, Ron and Kelly and your family a very special and meaningful Christmas as your celebrate and make more memories.

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