Hey, That Hurts!

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Most of you that know me are familiar with my love of the sun. You could say that I’m “solar powered.” I love to be outdoors, particularly when I can bask in the sun’s warm rays. Unfortunately, there are consequences to such sun exposure. Wrinkles and dark spots appear, some of which don’t seem to heal. As a result of my denial that the sun’s rays were negatively affecting me, I found myself sitting in the waiting area of the dermatologist with three small blemishes on my face.

After a thorough examination, the doctor informed me that I had a couple pre-cancerous spots. One of which she could burn off and two that she would need to remove with incisions. When the nurse came in with a needle in one hand and a smile on her face she said, “This may hurt a little.” I responded, “You must enjoy this.” She assured me that she did not, but continued to smile. “If you don’t like it, then why are you smiling?” I asked. She smiled again and steadied the needle, “Well, this may hurt a lot.” As the needle punctured the skin on the side of my nose I felt like I would jump out of my chair. It’s a good thing that I’m always strapped in!

The doctor walked in to perform the incision and she had a grin on her face, as well. I said, “If she’s Pain 1, then you must be Pain 2.” They both laughed, but with the stinging that I was experiencing, now under the knife, I was not finding any humor in the situation. The spots were cut or burned out and as I rolled back into the waiting area with bandages on my face, I turned and jokingly said to the smiling ladies, “You may want to have more empathy.” Although their humor seemed to be at my expense, I did find their positive attitude made the experience less painful.

The smiles and laughter at the dermatologist’s office helped remind me how much of an impact our attitude makes on those around us. Maybe you can recall a tense time that was made pleasant by someone’s smile and positive perspective. I would hope that after someone is around me they, too, feel lifted and encouraged by my smile.

What if we smiled more? Watch the reaction of those whom you smile at. A smile can be like rays of warm sunshine caressing the heart and lifting the soul.

If you have trouble viewing the video please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ejeBS1dmjM&feature=youtu.be

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