“I’m Pregnant”

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

“That thing is huge!” was our response to one of the dahlias we picked from our flower bed.  Gracie and I love flowers and as she stood, holding the dahlia, a memory flooded the chambers of my mind.

Kelli and I had only been married six months when she suddenly became ill.  At first, we thought it was the flu, but she continued throwing up for weeks.  I was fearful that something was seriously wrong, so I asked her to make an appointment with her doctor.

A few days later, in tears, she informed me that she knew what was wrong.  I expected the worst. “What’s the matter?” I frankly asked.  Glancing around the room and then looking back at me she calmly said, “I’ll tell you later when we’re alone.”  “Tell me now, I need to know.”  She stuck with her answer and so I waited and worried all day that something terrible was wrong with my wife.

Later that day, my van pulled up and I rolled into my office.  There on my desk was a bouquet of flowers.  This scene freaked me out.  Why would my wife who is sick buy ME flowers?  I should be the one who buys flowers for HER.  I nudged my chin control around to take a sniff of the flowers and noticed a card with a strange-looking gadget that, to me, looked like a thermometer.

The moment was well-timed.  Kelli walked in the door; “What is going on?” I asked.  “You’re the one who is sick, so what’s up with the flowers?”  She replied, “Did you see it?”  “See what?” “Look again.”  As soon as I did, it dawned on me.  That was no thermometer; it was a pregnancy test.  “Are you pregnant?”  She just smiled.  “Uhh, how did you do that?” I inquired.  “What do you mean?  WE did it.  We’re going to have a baby!” she exclaimed.  Right then I broke down and cried.  “But I was told by doctors for 25 years that I don’t have any ‘swimmers’!”  “Well, you must’ve had one because I’m pregnant!  That’s why I’ve been so sick.”  I asked her if she would take another test just to make sure.  She obliged and ended up taking two more tests to satisfy my doubt.

The next nine months proved to be an amazing experience.  To watch Gracie be born was one of the greatest moments in my life.  What a miraculous and fond memory this big, yellow flower Gracie was holding, who is now eight, created.

How easy it is to forget those mega moments in time.  The meaningful experiences we all have faced in the past, the events we are most inspired by, the times that make us kick back and say, “Amazing.”  If your mind begins to wander, go ahead and reflect on it all.  The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the way you felt will bring a smile to your face.  Would you agree with me, one of the incredible thing about human memory is that you can enjoy it at any time?

Is there something beautiful you can reflect on: a memory that will bring peace to your pain and happiness to your heart? You’ll be amazed at how it works.  I would like to hear from you; what makes you smile?  Share it with me and others, because we all need to be inspired.  Thought: go make a memory today, for you may need it tomorrow.

Please click here to see the dahlia and my little flower, Gracie: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/u47bgqytzczokfx/WXu4TDkljl

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  1. Hi Ron.
    We got to meet you in 2008 in AZ in Sandy and Mark Yozipovic’s office. My daughter was being treated at Envita for cancer at the time and was SURE she was going to beat it. After the evening with you she told me she wanted to be a motivational speaker and inspire others to just show up and in each moment do their very best.
    I loved that day. All of those days. She was SURE. She would have me go to the store and buy all the gerber daisies they had so she could hand them out to whomever she saw that day. She called it “Spreading the Happy”. She couldn’t hike up those beautiful mountains but LOVED riding up them in a jeep. She never stopped dancing, living, or loving. SHE handed little trinkets about expecting miracles to her doctors and nurses. SHE gave comfort to me.
    One time we came back from a 10 hour day in the hospital and she pep talked me to go and study for an upcoming exam. She had a smile and a lot of love for everyone. I could go on and on and on.

    Unfortunately Caiti passed in November of that same year.

    Thank you for reminding me to reflect on all of the wonder of Caiti. It does make me smile. It makes my heart happy and grateful for the time we had. Her spirit lives on through the many, many lives she touched. One day I will publish that book…


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