Is it worth it

This is Ron with your motivational message,



I spent four ten hour days painting at the Linn County fairgrounds. I do it more for the exposure and the inspiration it provides. Those that pass by, many would stop and talk to me and others would make comments as they walked by. The crowd wouldn’t stop unless I was painting. So I felt pressured to paint the whole time, and yes my neck was aching by the time it was over. I wondered at times if it was worth it…


Then Diana my night time caregiver told me:


My sister Brenda was at the park with the kids, my son Aaron and my nephew Elijah They were talking to two other kids, a 3rd and 4th grader. Somehow they got on the subject of the two shows, Ninja Warrior and American Tarzan, which are two very physically intense competition shows. My sister had shared with the 3rd and 4th grader that she was inspired by a lady contestant on American Tarzan that was in a car accident and had broke her back. She had rods and pins holding her back together and she was still able to compete in the competition.


 One of the boys said to my sister, “The other day I met a man in a wheelchair at the fair paralyzed from the neck down and he could paint with his mouth.” The boy thought it was the coolest thing. With excitement he said, “My mom bought a painting and he signed it.” My sister Brenda told him, “I know him; my sister is one of his caregivers.” The boy said, “oh how cool!”


painting at linn

So if you feel like you are doing something and it doesn’t feel like you are making a difference. All positive actions are recognized by somebody. More importantly the creator doesn’t let a good deed go unrecognized. So I will paint on with the pain, and you will walk on thru the rain. Or whatever else you do, someone is watching.


To your inspirations,



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