Who’s sleeping in poop

This is Ron Heagy with your Motivational Message,

What a terrible crappy day, everyone seems to poop on me, I feel like crap. I got dumped on. My boss is a jerk….

I was having one of those poor me days. As I sat painting these delicate little owls, I changed my focus and I asked myself what unique characteristics they possess that I might learn from. So I asked my secretary Ashley to look up some facts, check it out, they even use cow dung!

• Burrowing owls are one of the smallest owls in North America.
• When alarmed, young birds will make a hissing call that sounds like a rattlesnake.
• Unlike most owls, these owls are awake during the day, especially in the spring to hunt for their large broods. They next in large colonies about 100 yards
• They build their nests in burrows that other small animals have excavated such as moles and prairie dogs.
• The most common material for their nests is mammal dung, usually cattle. Researchers once thought the dung was to mask the smell of juvenile owls, but now it is believed the dung helps to control a microclimate and it attracts insects which the owls may eat.
• The chicks can fly well at 6 weeks old, and leave the nest after 45 days to hunt insects.

In application I thought of my own life, am I fixated on new stuff? Having something for the first time, I responded, “no I like garage sales, their junk my treasure.” My stepmom decorations are dazzling, her clothes, and jewelry is sophisticated. She is a first class act, and get this her birthday request was a goodwill certificate. She converts her home like a burrowing owl, using others unwanted material, or ‘crap’ and turns it into her own beauty.

The real impact for me,
I instantly smiled when it donned on me how much I can’t complain about having a ‘BAD DAY’.
Is there any reason we cannot have the Burrowing owls attitude? Could i see the piles of ‘poo’ in my life and turn it into something positive. Yes, here is one- I broke my neck, life dumped on me. I can’t even move my hands. But I can paint with my mouth. It’s not fair if there are not accessible camps. The disabled are treated like crap. So I built a camp. Where disabilities rock and roll! Its crappy situation hiring drivers when i need to travel to the store but I had a nice conversation, and it turned out to be a meaningful relationship. Now don’t get me wrong, not everything i have touched has turned into gold. I have failed in many ways, but I am not a failure.
Is it possible to turn our losses into gains, negatives into positives? Find the beauty in the ashes

Turning dung into a nest

Can you get a whiff of the Burrowing Owls innovation?

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
I didn’t know you were an owl!

To your inspirations,


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