A Cool Victory

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

Have you ever anticipated something that would happen in your life and in the process ask yourself: is it worth suffering through the trials necessary to get there?

My thirteen year old daughter, Roni, and I sat in the cold wind for nearly two hours patiently (and painfully) waiting for the fireworks on the waterfront to begin.  It had been hot that day so we didn’t think to wear heavier clothing.  The cold air that blew off the river that evening was beginning to get to us and we almost went home.  Our commitment paid off when that anticipated moment came; to top it off, we had the perfect seats for the show.  The rockets burst with brilliant colors and the sound was thunderous as the sky lit up.  The discomfort from the cold dissipated and I must say, the finale was the grandest one that we had ever seen.

Following the show, heading towards the van we couldn’t contain our excitement.  Roni blurted out things like, “That was so cool!” “Spectacular!” “Wasn’t it great when…?”  My daughter and I were excited and despite braving the frigid cold and the temptation to go home we were filled with the feeling of triumph and victory.

If it’s getting cold in life and we fear pressing on any longer, if we’re tempted to give up and the victory seems far away, I want to encourage you to press on.  It may hurt, your muscles might be burning, and your teeth may be chattering, but don’t give up.  Victory is ahead, you know it is coming.  Do not lose your anticipation, fight the good fight–keep the faith!

When you finally accomplish your goal and you walk away (or maybe roll) you will say “That was so cool!  Thank you Lord, it was worth it all.”

To your inspiration,


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