Frozen Yogurt and Life Lessons

This is Ron with your Motivational Message:

In the middle of the Fred Meyer Shopping Center, out of the blue I exclaimed, “Let’s go get some frozen yogurt!”  My little girl started jumping up and down, “Can we? Can we?”  Fortunately, for us, yogurt was just outside.  As we approached the door, we remembered that there was something that we had forgotten to purchase, so the girls went back inside the store.

While they were gone, I decided to tilt my chair back against a pole in hopes of catching a few rays, when I heard, “Hey, Ron Heagy!”  I opened my eyes to a lady with a great big smile.  “Do you remember signing my book at the Portland Airport a few years ago?” she asked.  “I was that crazy woman who sprinted across two lanes of traffic because I had just finished your book the night before!  What a blessing to run into you at the airport!  I passed your book around to many people, and believe it or not, my family and I were just talking about you this week.  The grandkids had been counselors up at the camp you built.”  She went on to tell me things that not only encouraged me, but inspired me to keep on keepin’ on.  I thanked her from the bottom of my heart and we parted ways.

When we got to the front of the yogurt checkout, we were told that it was no charge.  “What?”  I responded.  “Oh, yeah, and here’s a $25.00 gift certificate, as well.”  What a truly kind act that I felt I didn’t deserve.  “Thank you for making our day!”  I hoped I could return the favor.  It felt amazing and reassuring, giving us a feeling of significance, not to mention, the example it set for my daughters, who later asked, “Why would someone do that?”  I responded by saying, “Because her heart told her to do a good thing for another person, and when you listen to your heart you, too, can make a difference.”

Will you go with me today and perform an act of kindness, just out of the blue, pay for a meal for someone else, give a little cash, push a child high on a swing.  I just wanted to tell you how special you are.  I believe in you and together we can make a difference in this world.

To your inspiration,


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