She Changed My Heart

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“Mr. Heagy, I want to tell you that your speaking touched my life.” expressed a young lady as tears rolled down her face. I responded, “You have no idea how much you just impacted my heart.”


Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wondered if the chaos of everyday life is really worth it? Ever feel that you try so hard and yet your soul lacks peace and your mind is clouded? I was having one of those weeks when out-of-the-blue I had an experience that broke through my mental fog.

Last Friday, I was given the unique opportunity to speak to over 500 students, grades 5 through 8, in Junction City, Oregon. It was not only hot that day, but I was running late and felt frustrated with the crazy drivers on the highway. When I arrived I had no time to prepare my mind before heading to the gymnasium. The Principal told me that I had an hour of presentation time, and my first reaction was, “You have to be kidding me.” My biggest nightmare is to lose my audience. Principal Young introduced me and I rolled out into the stuffy gymnasium full of easily unimpressed, high energy kids.

I had time for a quick prayer and asked the good Lord for some help. To my surprise, I felt clear-headed and at peace. I told all of my usual stories to the students, highlighting the importance of communication and sharing your life with others. I asked them what their emotional, educational, and relationship “wheelchairs” looked like, leaving a pause. I could sense a heavy burden that many of these children carried.

After I took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, I ended with the hilarious story of my brother getting revenge on me one day in the mall many years ago. He had strapped a 40EE bra around my entire wheelchair as he laughed, “That’s what you get for beating me up all of those years!” The kids busted up as they applauded.

I rolled over to my display table as hundreds of kids walked past and with gratitude told me their own stories. I could write about each one, but one small girl touched me most. She had waited until everyone had exited the gym so she could speak to me. “Mr. Heagy, I wanted you to know when I was four, I had cancer and I almost died and when I heard you telling your story I decided that I wasn’t going to hide mine. I’m not afraid to talk about my cancer anymore.” The principal had overheard the conversation and approached, giving her shoulder a soft squeeze. “I didn’t even know,” he said. I reminded her how special she was and asked if I could give her a copy of my book. With a smile, she responded, “You would do that for me?” Yesterday I sent her a signed copy of my autobiography, and have not been able to get her out of my mind. I can label that experience as one of pure joy.

I encourage you if you have one of those weeks, say a quick prayer, and anticipate a life changing moment somewhere. May you have a wonderful fun-filled Memorial weekend as you reflect on the gifts that were given by those who have gone before us. May we never forget the freedom that we enjoy.

To your inspiration,


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